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Degrowth for Engineering and Engineering for Degrowth

This is an important article from the Steady State Herald. It outlines important features of how engineering can reflect a perspective of the value of degrowth, as we make the needed transition toward a Steady State economy. It is important to understand this facet of the processes for those who design and engineer needed solutions. We must support the many important tangible changes powered by better and thoughtful engineering designs. Our frames of reference are part of what influencnes the design briefs handed to engineers. And we need to outline practical but appropriate approaches, as we build needed solutions, and ask our engineers to design them. They are trained to solve problems, but given the many pressing problems we face, these require a shift away from the assumed value of "greater consumption" , "convenience", "speed" and "unlimited access". We can transition away from these embeded unquestioned norms, to an effective and well functioning Steady State economy. However getting there needs appropriate, well considered designs and solutions from our skilled engineers.

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