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We successfully held our Online Workshop on 23rd April 2022

Its subject was “Whether the economy can serve the community's needs” - Examination of perspectives and solutions within "Alternative policy frameworks"


This event took place on Saturday 23rd of April 2022 at 9:15 am via Zoom. The speakers explored perspectives on “What the economy is, how it can serve our community's needs, while we embrace respect for the Natural World".

We wish to thank the following 6 speakers for their participation and the generous gift of their time :

  • Dr Steven Hail, Economist and Lecturer, adjunct Assoc Prof  at Torrens University;

  • Dr Philip Lawn , Ecological Economist and Lecture , Professor at Torrens University;

  • Dr Haydn Washington, Environmental Scientist, Adjunct Lecturer, Earth and Sustainability Science Research Centre, UNSW, Australia;

  • Dr Michelle Maloney, (BA/LLB, PhD) is a lawyer and co-founder of AELA and NENA;

  • Dr Mary Graham, Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland;

  • Dr Frank Stilwell, Professor Emeritus in Political Economy, the University of Sydney.

CASSE NSW Inc continues to promote the ideas and an understanding of what a Steady State Economy can become.  We plan on holding other such Workshops in the future. They will be shorter in duration and probably will focus more intensively on particular issues. We envisage some will be held online and some maybe conducted in physical venues to allow for more direct interaction and discussion.  We will contact our CASSE NSW members and partner organisations as we settle on the dates and topics to be featured in these workshops.


We Note you can view the videos, recorded from our recent workshop, of the 23rd of April  by clicking on the Video Tab on the main page of this site.   As a guide to the previous workshop we noted the table below sets out the order of speakers and the times of their presentation as at the 23rd of April 2022. 

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