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CASSE NSW Inc seeks to promote a better understanding of Positive Steps and/or better paths to transition to a sustainable Steady State Economy.  Hence we list papers and articles relevant to such "Positive Steps" and our needed transition to real sustainable solutions.


 Issues related to Renewables, Problematic Alternatives and Achieving Sustainability

Comment on Seibert, M.K.; Rees, W.E. Through the Eye of a Needle: An Eco-Heterodox Perspective on the Renewable Energy Transition. Energies 2021, 14, 4508.

Diesendorf 2022 ClimatePolicy Published April 2022

Can energy descent be justified by critiquing 100% renewable energy scenarios? A reply to Floyd et al.

Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption

It’ll be impossible to replace fossil fuels with renewables by 2050, unless we cut our energy consumption.

 Analyzing the Nuclear Weapons Proliferation Risk Posed by a Mature Fusion Technology and Economy.   by Mark Diesendorf,  David Roser  and  Haydn Washington.

 This paper undertakes a trial scoping of proliferation hazards arising from fusion energy  technologies,


Harmony in Conservation. An article about a call for a transformation to a more harmonious human-nature relationship that is grounded in mutual respect and principled responsibility. This discusses key ethical questions with respect to our regard for the natural world, as well as fundamental policy stepts to get a better approach to the  "nature of sustainability"

Issues with respect to Population 

NB. SPA - Sustainable Population Australia. In PDF format

SPA "Population and Climate Change" Discussion Paper 2022

SPA "Population Growth and Infrastructure in Australia" Nov 2019

SPA "Population Why We Should Not Fear an Aging Population" Discussion Paper Oct 2020.

An Article "Discussing the Silence and Denial around Population Growth and Its Environmental Impact".

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