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Videos available from "Dialogue for a Sustainable Economy" day, held at the SMSA, Sydney o

Three Videos

On December 7th, 2019 CASSE NSW Inc held a seminar "Dialogue toward a Sustainable Economy".

Assoc Prof Phillip Lawn presented :"From the Growth Economy to the Steady State Economy"


Panel Discussion - 'Finding Hope - Change for a Sustainable Economy'

The Panel members were : A/Prof Phil Lawn, Zahra Kumarasinhe, Dr. Anna Schlunke and the Hon Bob Debus (former NSW Minister for the Environment)- Chaired by Haydn Washington.


Dialogue for a Sustainable Economy "Workshop Reports". Three Australian thinkers (experts in their fields) collate and reflect upon results of dialogue from workshop attendees, as they addressed important issues relating to transition to a SSE.

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