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Our Next meeting will be on 7th of November 2020. Via Zoom !

Updated: 3 days ago

N.B. thanks to all those who attended our AGM held on 19th of Sept 2020 via Zoom.

This November meeting will be our firsts, post AGM. The Minutes of AGM are available to members upon request.

Our Zoom address is :

We Note - Those seeking to attend our meetings via zoom will need a computer, with (at least) a microphone, and Camera to use Zoom effectively. Firstly, download the Zoom app onto your computer, after searching on Internet for it. Then follow the set-up instructions, available on the Zoom as a tutorial on the Zoom site. Once installed all you need do is enter the Zoom ID number into the Zoom app or just click on the link (the Zoom ID ) provided above.

CASSE NSW members and potential members are welcome to contact me on this and other matters on

Wishing you all the best for new emerging "post Virus" Australia 2020 !

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