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Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy

Dear CASSE NSW Inc members and friends,

Our book Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy is now a finished and published. It looks pretty good even if we say so ourselves, its 444 pages long but well set out ! First of all, our sincere thanks to all of you who supported the Kickstarter program back in 2016 to finance our initial production costs, including the cartoons by ‘Polyp’. In an exciting development, a very generous CASSE NSW Inc member has made a major donation so that we could send a Special Parliamentary Edition to members of Parliament. Over 160 of these Special Editions were mailed to Parliamentarias in 2017. This Special Parliamentary Edition had messages in front leaf of the book from famous ecological economists Herman Daly, Brian Czech, Joshua Farley, Dan O’Neill and Peter Victor. This was a demanding, but a great project. It is a great to see the book is 'out there’ and available at

We drew up a list of groups and people to whom we have given free copies. So far we have on this list:

  • Selected key media personnel;

  • Key people in environmental and conservation groups;

  • Key people in unions or political parties (other than Parliamentarians)

  • Key people in the fields of education and academia

  • Any other people whom we really want to get thinking and talking about this issue.

The book was Launched at 6.30 pm on July 17th in 2017 at the UTS Loft Room, 15 Broadway, Ultimo (books on sale at $20 each). There was also a Brisbane launch at a NENA conference in Brisbane (see // The book is also availbale for $17.78, plus $8 postage via: At the current time CASSE NSW Inc will make the book available for sale at Events, meetings and forums for just $20. Any small profit goes to support CASSE NSW Inc continuing activities to advance the SSE.

Please get in touch with us at for more information about this book or others, such as 'Addicted to Growth' (first produced by CASSE NSW in 2014 for the Fenner Conference held at University of NSW).

Finally, we suggest you talk about the book, show your copy to others, and also: tell us of any other ideas or things you can think of that we can be doing to promote this important book . Let’s all help to make it lead to a real positive impact!

Haydn, and the CASSE NSW inc Committee.

If you can’t wait to see the book you can download a low resolution copy.


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